E clinician was able to encourage particular patient behaviour. We interrogate this power dynamic in depth, and we adopt the position of Liberati et al. (2015) that the enactment of patient centredness has an important material, non-human dimension. Indeed, in this article we illustrate how a particular patientcentred tool known as the Canadian occupational performance measure (COPM) structures th
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Nly considered pathway in this process begins with sickle hemoglobin polymerization, leading to formation of rigid sickle erythrocytes and microvascular occlusion when these cells become trapped in small vessels. In the presence of inflammation (infection or ischemia and reperfusion), vascular endothelial cells express a number of adhesion molecules that facilitate adherence of mature erythrocytes
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PF is modest [34] but comorbidities could affect cumulative patency [7, 8, 25].CLINICAL KIDNEY JOURNAL| T. Wilmink et al.A strength of our study is that every dialysis session is logged prospectively. Therefore date, mode of starting dialysis, and first and last fistula needling date are logged in real time, increasing accuracy. Linking the PROTON renal database with the access database allowed us
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