The story of Path of Exile is interesting, putting the character as an exile from his homeland, sent to Wraeclast, a continent reserved for social outcasts that the rest of the world simply does not want.

A highlight of the game is its skill system, divided into two types: passive and active. Active abilities are developed freely by all classes, having to be found within the game in the form of Gems that must be allocated in weapons or armor.

A typical ARPG that uses skills classified as Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence and slaughtering mobs. You can map various active skills to the mouse buttons (left, right, wheel buttons) and QWERT key, using the P / Mana system from Diablo series. Of course, there is still a classic key layout that assigns potions to numeric keys. As you can see from the gameplay screen, it is a typical Diablo clone gameplay that moves to the quarter view point and moves with a mouse click.