Path of Exile is a kind of Diablo clone. The game is an action RPG with isometric vision, just in the style of its competitor, but with some well-differentiated attractions.

Just like in Diablo, the player controls only one character in Path of Exile and must move him with the mouse to defeat hordes and more hordes of enemies in lethal dungeons and full of challenges. Violence, of course, is represented at a high level, since monsters can be cut in half, blown up, beheaded, among other mortal blows.

Differing from the Diablo series, it does not have a specific skill tree for each character but a wide range of skill trees, and the starting position varies according to the selected character. In other words, when you start the game with the upper level, you start from the place where you can take the intelligence stat, and when you start with the loader, you start from the position where you can take the strength stat. If the concept of spear half location is unfamiliar, see the following figure.