Path of Exile is a hack'n slash role-playing game that will take you into a particularly dark post-apocalyptic world, you will have to choose your character from the seven different classes. Your goal will be to evolve your hero by equipping new objects and improving your skills.

The main background of the game is a desolate area called Wraeclast, which was once a continent ruled by a mighty empire, but now only the neighboring city of Oriath remains the only country, This is where you struggle to survive. The seven classes are also exiled for some reason, and are therefore called "Exile" to other characters. When you create a character, you start from a convoy transport, and when you create it, you start with the ship wrecked and drifting. It is the beginning of the game that the main character, the exorcist, is tracking the plot he is devising in Wraeclast.